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PRODUCTS: Software
About Networks Ltd are resellers of education software which meet curriculum standards and requirements. Here are a list of some of the software which we support.

    Infant Video Toolkit (Key Stage 1).  Word and graphic editor,
question database, logo.
    Music Toolkit (Key Stage 1 & 2).  Music and sound.
    2Investigate (Key Stage 2).  Data handling, modeling, spreadsheets.

    123 CD (Key Stage 1 - Nursery).  Numeracy.
    ABC CD (Key Stage 1 - Nursery).  Literacy.

    RM Colour Magic 2 (Key Stage 1 & 2).  Image editor.
    Zoombinis Math Journey (Key Stage 1 & 2).  Logic and scientific
    WordShark 3 (Key Stage 1 & 2).  Literacy skills, sound, word
recognition, spelling.
    NumberShark 3 (Key Stage 1 & 2).  Number skills.