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We provide a wide range of services centered around Information, Communications and Technology.

Network Support: An asset as crucial as your network, requires
regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly. We offer network
support to suit your requirements and budget. It can be as
comprehensive as you like or on an "as required" basis.

Installations: We have installed new networks and upgraded existing
networks in a number of schools in South London.

For some we cabled the school, provided all their hardware from the
server, computers, monitors, and printers to the interactive
whiteboards and projectors and also provided the operating system
and curriculum software.

For other schools, they sourced the hardware and engaged us to set
up the network and cable and connect the hardware.

Manufacture: We manufacture our own JPC brand Servers, Towers,
and Desktop computers. We also manufacture the smallest
computers in the world, which we refer to as a WSPC (World's
Smallest PC). We offer a replacement warranty on all our computers.