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PRODUCTS: Computers
JPC Tower

Our medium sized JPC Tower is a scaled down model of the larger sized towers currently available on the market, but just as powerful. We can manufacture the JPC Tower to your personal specifications.

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JPC Server

Our JPC Server can be tailored to your required specifications and incorporates the latest 64bit technology. It is powerful enough to support an entire building or organisation accommodating a large number of PCs. Ideal for small to medium sized organisations.

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WSPC (World's Smallest PC)

Our slim model is not much bigger than the standard hand size and measures less than 30cm or 12" across diagonally, and approximately 5cm or 2" in height.

It supports both Intel Pentium and Celeron processors (up to 3.2GHz), incorporates a maximum of 2GB of slim-line RAM, and comes with an industry standard 80GB slim hard drive. It also incorporates all variations of CD/DVD drive combinations, and comes with front and back USB support.

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Our standard model comes with identical performance capabilities as our slim model. It is identical in length and width but is virtually double the height of our slimmer model. It incorporates the physical size of a standard hard drive and RAM.

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For full specification details and information on our full range of WSPC products, visit our sister company at WSPC Ltd.